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Refuse to feed the testing machine and the data collectors

Opt-Out Maine

No Common Core Maine

Across the nation, resistance to test overuse and misuse reached unprecedented heights. The rapidly growing movement built on significant test opposition unleashed began in 2013 and continues today." 

Parents have the right to protect their children's privacy and excuse them from standardized tests and assessments. Parents can also excuse their children from surveys used to measure pupils’ values, attitudes or beliefs. “Opting out” of (refusing) the testing is a powerful way to resist the mindless testing and invasive data collection that began with No Child Left Behind and has now worsened with Common Core. Standardized testing distorts and corrupts K-12 classrooms. Should you be concerned with the test and other data that will be collected and shared? Absolutely! Find out what your school/district policy is concerning the collection of data. There will be a new Student Data Privacy bill submitted to the Maine legislature in 2017.

Below is a link to a sample Opt-Out letter that you can use for your child/children. Feel free to change this letter to your need and circumstance. There is also a sample follow-up letter as well.

Replace everything in Red/Brackets with your own information. Send the letter to your Superintendent.

If your district was not  receptive and if your requests were rebuffed or otherwise rejected, use the follow-up letter.