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No Common Core Maine (NCCM) is a non-partisan network of concerned parents, teachers, and other taxpayers and organizations in Maine. We may have differing views on educational issues but we are in agreement that decisions regarding education in the State of Maine need to be kept at the state and local level. Our position statement.

The members of our Executive Committee are Heidi Sampson, Jim Isgro, Pat Murray, Tim Russell, Laura Parker, and Stephanie Phillips.


Our goals are to: 

  • Provide information on Common Core and proficiency learning models from a Maine perspective.
  • Urge parents, teachers and citizens to become informed about what is taking place in education.
  • Regain control of education from Washington, private corporations, centrally controlled non-government organizations and  partnerships and return it to our local communities, and
  • Protect our children's privacy by restricting government's ability to collect and share information about them.


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We focus our efforts on bringing together concerned people to effect legislation that will result in the reversal of its adoption. There is much to dislike about the common core initiative and the proficiency-based diploma. For some, the idea of violating states’ rights is important. Others oppose it from a quality perspective or because of data collection. Many oppose it because it stifles curriculum development and teacher/school autonomy in choosing what is best for their students. Common Core strips parents and states of political power while the private owners of the Standards insulate themselves from legal liability by broad disclaimers for any damage their Standards cause. We believe that ending the one-size-fits-all standards with its associated assessments is a worthy objective.

We feel that it is important to have a web and social media presence to not only convey our views, but also the views of other like minded individuals and groups organizing across the nation. We'll also provide documentation and relative links. Our regular postings can found on Facebook at No Common Core Maine and Twitter at @CommonCoreMaine. There will also be links to articles and opinion pieces at www.CommonCoreMaine.info

No Common Core Maine